Awards and Recognitions
Certificate of Congressional

Emerging 10 Award

YMCA Minority Achievers
Award 2002

2003 Top 50
Women-Owned Businesses


Deavra Daughtry
Excellent Care Management Inc. & Excel-E-Care, Inc.

The reason Excel-E-Care has been so successful during its years of operation is credited to the dedication and hard work of its owner and staff.  The philosophy of management and staff has been and continues to be that the client deserves the very best service that can be offered.  Client service is above owner’s profit. The mission of Excel-E-Care is to enhance the quality of life for the elderly and disabled; by providing quality care and necessary transportation to those whose health problems cause them to be functionally limited in performing activities of daily living.

At Excel-E-Care our values include:
The Spirit of Excellence & Consistency
The Spirit of Fellowship with our Clients
The Spirit of Integrity
The Spirit of Professionalism
Community involvement:
I have been involved in numerous community activities over the last several years in business. The organizations I have been or am presently a member of includes: Certificate of Congressional Recognition, Letter of Commendation from State Representatives, Emerging 10 Award, YWCA Minority Achievers Award 2002, Top 50 Woman-Owned Business 2003, Better Business Bureau of Houston, Houston Federal Reserve-Small Business Advisory Board, Leadership Texas, Leadership America, Houston Minority Business Council, Texas Association Homecare.

I have donated time and financial support to organizations such as Texas Women Empowerment Foundation(TWEF), Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Houston, Black and Hispanic MBA’s, Meeting Professionals International, The Houston Minority Business Council, Houston and Professional Women. The list is expansive, I believe in giving back to our community and making it a better place for everyone.

Person most admired:

The person I most admire in my life is my friend, Susan Taylor. I admire her strength, her faithfulness, and how she always persevered through challenges. She shared the spirit to keep trying and to never give up. To laugh, and look with hope toward tomorrow. I have seen many people I admire who have strength- Suzie Orman, Maya Angelou, women who own businesses such as Oprah. They all serve as mentors and role models.

Favorite book:
My favorite book is Leadership, ”John Maxwell”--through the lessons for living I find throughout the book. There is no greater book to offer direction for your life, how to treat people, how to reserve judgment and live a happy life. The Bible is also one of my favorite books.

What I enjoy most about my work:
What I enjoy most about my work is the ability to touch the life of others, make a difference in the community. This business brings the challenges of people to the forefront and allows our organization to help resolve them. The “Keep Hope Alive” moments that occur in our work truly gives me joy. I always learn as well. That creates a win-win situation for me and my clients.

Greatest accomplishment:
I consider my greatest accomplishment as an entrepreneur to be in a successful business based on hard work and determination. I started as a young female. People who didn’t look like me dominated the industry and they had a hard time believing someone from the small Acres Homes community could make a lasting impact. I survived, thrived and have been blessed to conduct new hire orientations every week.

Greatest challenge:
My greatest challenge has been obtaining the steady resources needed within our community, through the Texas Woman Empowerment Foundation (TWEF). When the business community is doing well they waste opportunities. If they are not doing well, our low economic services are the first to go. So many feel hopeless, and I know I have a life changing word that needs to get out there.

Advances I envision in my field over the next 10 years:
The next ten years in our business I believe will be fabulous. Our business environment is changing rapidly--women, international workers, various age groups. This dynamic has set up an opportunity to creating a powerful strategy in leaders to work. There is a great move of God for his people to come together and Advance His Kingdom and this will cause a advanced business. This makes for exciting times.

Strategies to maintain balance in my life:
To maintain balance in my life, I must care for my health, my spiritual growth, maintain my energy level and keep my head clean. I try to manage my calendar in order to spend time with my children, and our families. The joy of family truly brings balance. Scheduling time to get away is also very helpful. God, Family, and Career is “true” balance.